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Закона на Привличането
Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction.

if you think about what you want and focus on it,

you will get it in your life.

If you're thinking of making more money, some opportunities can

appear in your life.

 If you are thinking about a relationship, you will meet someone soon.

 However, if you think about why you don't deserve to be successful in your job or relationship,

he will become poor and alone.

Basically, we see the world through a filter that

it connects everything to everything we think about.


  • I can share with you my example: I want to share my Art with Others and inspire them to be happy. Here’s how it works: You think and you act Basically, you’ll just start noticing the options that were before already there; you just didn’t think about them. For example, friends on social networks So if you look at the law of attraction from that point of view, it really works. However, this is universe that magically helps you. Your brain does.
    But at present, if we believe in the law of
    attraction, it can actually cause some harm. If you only think and hope without acting, nothing will happen...
    You have to grab and put
    little effort for your development. The Law of Attraction does not function without the Law of
    It is very important that you place your
    theoretical thoughts from your head into the physical world.


So give the things you want to change or improve mental proximity. Also, get out of bed and

start taking some action.

Good luck! I'm going to paint
Life is Wonderful!
Закона на Привличането
Закона на Привличането

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