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Pink Dreams Diana Dimova- TRAXI

Hello friends,

These days I was talking to an artist friend of mine.

It was about the fact that we artists hardly earn from our work

For example, the now famous Van Gogh never sold any of his paintings during his lifetime…

Her thesis was that money should be earned!

And then I asked myself: “And what is the price?” Should you only paint pictures that sell?

Which is more important: Money or Freedom?

My paintings are Abstract and many people prefer realism…should I paint what sells or follow Inspiration and pour my Soul freely as I feel it-?

Abstract Art gives me the Freedom to paint Feelings, Dreams, Elements, Sensations, Dreams, and even the Future. Abstract painting is Freedom!

Am I running the risk, like Van Gogh, of not selling anything in my lifetime?

And what do you think – Which is more important: Money or Freedom?


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