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April 22nd is Earth Day! Painting by Diana Dimova-TRAXI

🌍 Earth, our home
April 22nd is Earth Day! 🌿✨

Hello, friends! This is Diana Dimova – TRAXI,
and today I address you with my whole heart filled with love for Life and its amazing beauty.
You will find all these overflowing emotions in my paintings, in the Art Projects “Life is Beautiful”, “ECOLOGY”, and “Turning Point”.
I remind you to love our Earth!
Today, I want to call upon you to remember our connection with nature, with our roots.
Each of us is a part of our Planet! A Planet, full of wonders, deserving to be cherished and preserved. Let’s love our Earth – it is our Home! 🌱💚

Let’s all take care of her, love her, and feel our blood connection with her!
Let’s keep her Beautiful for our Children! 🌏💫

Join me in this challenge towards living in harmony with nature.
True love for Earth is in care and action. 🌻🌟

Now is the time to thank all the friends who supported and assisted me in the Charity
Cause for saving the Long-legged Curlew – protected in the Red Book of Bulgaria.
Together, we raised 780 BGN, which I donated to the Bird Protection Society in Bulgaria, to support the survival of the species.

Thank you all for your support!
The Painting is “Aroma of Grass” by Diana Dimova-TRAXI @traxi_art
It is a part of my Art-Project ECOLOGY



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