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Christ Waterfall -the column "Destinations"-Diana Dimova-TRAXI

Hello friends,

Today I start the column👇 “Destinations”👇

in which I will show you different places that I like, where I have been or want to go.
I hope it turns out interesting and inspiring!

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This is a clip in which you will see and hear the Christ Waterfall. This is a beautiful and sunny place, part of Miikovska river near the town of Elena.

The waterfall is gorgeous, surrounded by centuries-old rocks, cool forests and a beautiful river.

The place is easily accessible and wonderful!

You can get by car a few kilometers from the town of Elena to the village of Ruhovtsi. From there there are nice signs for the Waterfall. There is a separate parking lot and you can walk from the car through the forest for 10 minutes on a marked path.If the road takes you to this part of Bulgaria – Don’t miss it!👆💥💥💥

This is a Breathtaking Natural View
The feeling is of Freedom and Power of Nature.💥💥💥

Life is wonderful!❤️❤️❤️

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