Diana Dimova-TRAXI . An artist in the World. Hello friends, Today I want to tell you about my friends around the World… Since I started painting, a whole new World has opened up for me - full of different and colorful people I had to learn English, but it opened so many doors for me... I started with Facebook, where I found many new and cool friends! After that -Instagram, Tweeter , Pinterest , Tik-Tok I joined the FineArtAmerica Art Groups of American Artists and it's a lot of fun there, we often have contests and discussions Then I joined the International ASM - Art Club, where I found different and colorful friends from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Germany, Italy, the USA and elsewhere With them we participate in international exhibitions, we do club art challenges, we help each other and love each other... In the Art Society Artmo I meet artists from all over the world as well as Art collectors. I started to visit exhibitions in Bulgaria more often, where I meet great friends... So: We all know how Covid closed us in our homes, but thanks to the Internet we opened our Hearts There is already a whole new Colorful and Beautiful World in mine. I wish you all such happiness! Life is wonderful!

Diana Dimova-TRAXI . An artist in the World.