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Diana Dimova – TRAXI: Art is LOVE! Life is wonderful!

Diana Dimova – TRAXI: Art is LOVE! Life is wonderful!

Yesterday was a great day!
After the working day at the real estate agency, we left for Sofia – for the opening of the D-SHIRT 2022 exhibition at FACTOR.BG in Sofia, on “G. S. Rakovski” 72
We traveled very pleasantly on the highway between Plovdiv and Sofia. Then we entered the Sofia traffic jam and traveled even more… Finally we arrived and it was difficult to find a free parking space in a blue zone, but it was a hell of an exciting experience, because we were in the very center of Sofia.
The exhibition hadn’t started yet and we had time to walk around. Very close to the office of
FACTOR.BG I saw a familiar painting in the window of a gallery. It was by Petra Dobrevska, and inside I saw another familiar one – by Kristina Liakhtova … “Love on Tripods”. I decided that this was a sign and that I should enter the gallery and to see the great paintings on Facebook my friends live … AMAZING !!! As well as the whole exhibition, although I do not know the other artists … So charged with incredible emotion I went to my exhibition ….
The event was spectacular – every author received a badge with their name, there was jazz, champagne and art… Great people, prizes, general atmosphere – MAGIC.

We left super recharged and satisfied … slept like a log and had art dreams …
Today Art – the magic was still flying
I was working on real estate transactions in Plovdiv and quite by chance I passed Gen. street. Zaimov”, where I saw another familiar painting – Diana Desir’s solo exhibition. I entered quickly because they were waiting for me and it was an intoxicating feeling…
Somehow these days there is an ART wave in the air, the feelings are strong and full – feel them too
D-SHIRT 2022 T-Shirt Digital Art Exhibition.
was opened in the showroom of FACTOR.BG in Sofia, at Rakovski 72. There are many interesting things, don’t miss it 🙂
TRAXI ART – t-shirt with my design also participates.
The exhibition “Love on tripods” is very close, and Diana Desir is in Plovdiv

Art is LOVE! Life is wonderful!

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