Art Project “Life is Wonderful” by Diana Dimova-TRAXI


I am Diana Dimova – TRAXI In my work, I bow to Life! My paintings are born from small pieces of Movement, Light and Love merged in one perfect moment. My creative searches are for the here and now, for what we have and give, for the perfect moment, built from tiny particles of Movement and Light. Here and now Life is Wonderful! Diana Dimova – TRAXI is an artist from Bulgaria. At a young age, she was fascinated by Art, went to drawing classes, even painted a wall of the rural family house, but the drawing teacher intervened and gave her up on her dream of becoming an Artist. So she takes a different way – studies far from home, and creates a family and a business in real estate agency. After more than 20 years, in which she did not paint at all, she started suddenly, accidentally and as if this unlocked a long hidden and forgotten part of her essence and. She paints tirelessly, learning and actively seeking and finding inspiration, satisfaction and meaning. In these in her searches she discovers her integrity and her own creative style. She starts looking for and finds lessons in books, in videos with artists on the Internet … she draws, draws, draws … until at some point she discovers his own style and the feeling is that everything should go to a new level – not to draw in masterclasses, but to paint starting from herself. After this insight, the creative searches of the Artist began. Very important for her development as an Artist was her devotion to Impressionism. She falls in love with the paintings singing Life, dedicated to Light and Flash… Favorite artists and teachers are Claude Monet, Matisse, Renoir, Michael Leroux… Her Artist Statement is: “I am Diana Dimova – TRAXI In my work, I bow to Life! My paintings are born from small pieces of Movement, Light and Love merged in one perfect moment. My creative searches are for the here and now, for what we have and give, for the perfect moment, built from tiny particles of Movement and Light. Here and now Life is Wonderful! ” The Artist has a true reverence for Life in all its beauty and essence. Nature, human achievements and the relationships between people and people and Nature, the inner strength of character are leading themes in her paintings. The author has been working on her paintings for 5 years, but recently the paintings have been presented on the art market. TRAXI ART LTD was established this year. The author already has 25 exhibitions, 8 series of paintings and is developing 2 art projects The entire creative path of the Author is based on complete confidence in the Power of Art and unreserved faith in the Good in People. At the beginning of her creative journey, she often draws highly impactful quick sketches with charcoal, which feel like a shout, a blow or a photograph of the specific moment. They are highly impactful because of the contrast between white and black. They carry her sense of justice and freedom. She draws with big, fast and confident lines and the paintings are born in one breath. . After that, she starts at oil paintings in a realistic plan, respecting the real color and form. In the Author’s earlier works, the feelings are of warmth and comfort, home and happiness. She often paints landscapes, but here you can see a creative experience with the colors. The series of paintings “Roads” is dedicated to the early searches of the Artist, in them she still sticks to the familiar, but also starts new searches in a different direction … Answers to questions about her work – Where am I now? Where am I going? Is this the right way? Here, new ideas are already creeping in for the presentation of the World a little more colorful and seen through the prism of the Author. And already after this period of wandering, the Artist creates The “Dreamed” series of 25 oil and acrylic paintings in which we find a completely new and magical World in which Dreams come true. The Author goes very deep into the emotional theme of Freedom, of searching and finding, and of Inspiration, which comes to us like In a Dream… She is very strongly influenced by the Feeling of merging with Nature, by Feelings, by Dreams and seems to create Poetry in paintings. This topic continues to excite her and today it has grown into the Art Project “Dreamed”, which the Author is developing together with other Artists and is about to be completed and presented to the public. After that, a change occurs in the lives of all people. The period of bans related to Covid-19 comes. In a creative sense, this loss of Freedom greatly affects the Author and she creates paintings entirely based on sensations, namely The series of acrylic paintings “Scattered thoughts”- strong, sinister, saturated with emotions from personal experiences and follow painting after painting as a series of images, alternating horror, dissatisfaction, request, repentance and prayer … Covid-19 brought a personal tragedy to the Artist’s family and she poured all this pain into the paintings. These very strong and suffering paintings began to live their own life and this grew into an idea for the Art Project “Killed Birds or the Scattered Thoughts of an Artist”. which is also the second Art Project she is developing. While in her early works the Author is fascinated by Life and what is happening around her, in this collection every painting is like a Scream – highly provocative, malicious and suffering. The project is heavy and Author’s, completely different from her previous work. After this suffering period of time, the Artist needs a Change, a New Beginning and she once again bets on Goodness and Beauty by creating the collections “Colourful” and “Life is Beautiful”. In them, the search now enters a new phase and the Author goes in the direction of expressing the idea without form, but only in color. The paintings are painted in different states and are strictly provocative in terms of color combinations, in which the colors speak, not the shapes. The Author’s favorite are warm and bright colors. Sometimes they are monochrome, sometimes multi-colored, sometimes they are just a shout… Some of them are won participations in international exhibitions and competitions . After so many creative searches and pains, Diana Dimova – TRAXI makes a creative rebirth and paints a new series called “Ecology”. In it she focuses on sensations, perceptions and creative expressions related to creation. The paintings are strong, but they are not a protest, but a creation. worship of Nature. Here we already see a clear preference for the Abstract. There is also shape and color, but they are already living a new life – their own life. 5 paintings have been painted, and 3 of them have already won participation in international exhibitions and competitions. This collection is a favorite of the Author. Its creation goes slowly and creatively. Each painting is a deeply suffered part of a whole, which maybe will grow into an Art Project in the future… “Sometimes you need to look beyond yourself – to search and find what makes you the person you are. To answer the only question that interests you – What is Life? In such moments I discover the Sun, Movement, Light, the Rainbow of Desires, Feelings and Dreams, the Beauty of Nature, Human relations and the achievements of Science. I discovered Love, Light, and Beauty. This is what I want to give to the world!” “I would like to continue the work of the Impressionists, who in their work bow down to Life. My paintings are a collection of Movement and Light, gathered into a single entity that lives here and now and at this moment Life is Wonderful! ” They are quotes from Diana Dimova – TRAXI Exhibitions:



I have participated in 41 exhibitions.



Member of the International Association of Independent Artists ASM-Club

Some of my paintings have been awarded in international thematic competitions

I have developed several series of paintings:

“Roads” series of paintings related to the need for direction and road …

“Dreamed” series of oil paintings inspired by thoughts, desires and dreams ..

“Color” – paintings – experimenting with sensations and perceptions of color and shape …

“Abstract” – acrylic paintings, painted spontaneously and expressively

“At home” – a series of oil paintings related to the comfort and warmth of small everyday things …

“Scattered Thoughts” – acrylic paintings exploring different states and moods

For my presentations, there are several publications in “Sofia press” by Miroslav Ganchev

Interview in newsmaker. bg

 „Orange mood” International exchibition

Diana Dimova-TRAXI   in International exchibition


 And a presentation of the exhibition “Colorful Summer Trio” You can see my paintings in the “Butterfly Ecstasy” gallery in Plovdiv.

Several of my paintings are in private collections abroad.

I have 4 Art Projects :

“Art Dreams”;

“Ecology” ;

 “Killed birds or the scattered thoughts of an Аrtist „


“Life is Wonderful!”