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Diana Dimova-TRAXI:I am always Looking for FREEDOM

Hello Friends,

Lately, I’ve been quite busy – I work at the real estate agency “ELEMENT” looking for a favorable offer for a warehouse for a client, actively offering several apartments, and looking for a shop in Byala Glavna. Additionally, I’m developing a new art collection of women’s fashion called “Pink and Happy” in my online store.

I’ve launched a “Birthday Gift” promotion for all Libra zodiac signs, an Art Project – “Your Abstract Painting,” and an Offer Proposal to Veterinary Clinics and Cat Lovers.

I regularly manage Instagram, and there’s a lot of work there too. Besides, I paint. When there’s inspiration, there’s no stopping it…

This week, I have visits to three exhibitions planned, a meeting with a gallery owner, regular work with real estate clients, work on my online store, marketing training, and preparation for an exhibition in Germany.

And I wondered – why am I actually doing all this? Wouldn’t it be easier and more convenient to work in an office from 9 to 5? Why did I take the risk of having my own business? And why two?

I tried to answer these questions and looked for the roots back in childhood…

I found this: I have always sought FREEDOM! Even in kindergarten I did not nap at lunch, I would run away to save myself from injections, I would bite when they tried to catch me!

At school, everyone smoked a lot to be in the crowd, but I didn’t have that need. They even threatened me with a beating, but I stood my ground!

In high school, I consciously started listening to heavy music, wearing combat boots and standing out.

The power of Freedom has always attracted me with immense force!

I got married for love! Together, we opened our own business, and to this day, we fight for and stand by our decision!

Seven years ago, I started painting, and right here, you can feel the Freedom in its full force! The transformation that happens with the white canvas when I pour the paints over it gives me such strength, such Freedom! It’s unearthly!

Yes, sometimes it’s busy, difficult, risky, and even losing…

Sometimes I wish I could throw it all away, but

I am who I’ve always wanted to be –  FREE!

And no difficulties can overshadow that!

I am Diana Dimova-TRAXI and I am FREE


How do you feel? Share with me your way of moving forward! Tell me in the comments what helps or hinders you!


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