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From Canvas to Closet: Fashion collection “PINK AND HAPPY”by Artist Diana Dimova-TRAXI - Dress Up for a Party!



From Canvas to Closet: Fashion collection “PINK AND HAPPY”- Dress Up for a Party!

With excitement and pleasure, I am unveiling my latest creative venture – the “PINK AND HAPPY” fashion collection. I am the abstract artist Diana Dimova-TRAXI, and today I will be sharing secrets from the kitchen of the New Collection.

This collection is inspired by my paintings: “Fragrance,” “Wonderful Sunny Mood,” “Sun in the Hair,” and “Let it Be Summer.” I felt that these works held something more – they are brimming with happiness, energy, and the incredible hue of pink. The blend of neutral white and fiery red transformed into the COLOR OF HAPPINESS!

I decided that it would be wonderful if this happiness could transcend from my canvases into clothing, shoes, and bags. So, I found a partner who could craft these pieces with precision and even deliver them directly to your doorstep.

We started collaborating – I with the design, and they with the crafting and delivery. And thus, the idea for the new collection “PINK AND HAPPY” was born.

The “PINK AND HAPPY” collection represents the perfect fusion of art and fashion. Here, you will discover your happy garments, sneakers, and bags, all adorned in Wonderful pink.

I believe that style is an individual expression, and your look should be unique.

What could be more unique than wearing a piece of art?

With “PINK AND HAPPY,” be the creator of your own fashion style, inspired by art.

Each item in this collection is created with meticulous attention to detail and a love for creativity, just for you.

Keep in mind that every time you put on something from “PINK AND HAPPY,” you carry a piece of my soul and vision with you.

Don’t wait – explore the collection now and discover your unique style, inspired by my abstract creations.

Be part of this adventure and fill your closet with art!

Thank you for your support!

I believe that “PINK AND HAPPY” will bring you joy and inspiration.

With love, Diana Dimova-TRAXI

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