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HOUSE OR APARTMENT? The rubric "Useful" agency ELEMENT

The rubric “Useful” agency ELEMENT
If you hesitate in the choice between a house and an apartment, see the pros and cons of both types of housing.

The pros of the apartments

They are usually more affordable, which is why they are preferred for purchase. They are located in urban areas, which provides easy access to basic services such as public transport, shops, educational institutions and more.

Their maintenance is much lower than that of houses, and the same can be said about utilities.

Cons of apartments

Many of them have less space than houses, often do not offer a garage or parking space, which is one of the main problems for residents of the larger cities of the country.

Among the serious cons are also the neighborly relations, as well as the lack of confidentiality.

Pros of houses

They offer more space and usually have large yards. Many of them are located outside the center of the big city, which provides more peace and quiet.

Cons of houses

The cost of a house is significantly higher than that of an apartment, both in terms of utilities and maintenance and cleaning costs.
Some of the houses are away from basic amenities, which makes driving by car mandatory. Last but not least, they are more expensive to buy and are not in the pocket of the average Bulgarian.

Whether to be a house or an apartment – choose you!
ELEMENT Agency has the best offers on the real estate market in Plovdiv.



Diana Dimova – broker from ELEMENT agency


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