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The sea waves with the sky kisses

I paint the Sea in many different pictures, in different manifestations and states

Sea impression
Lost in the Deep
The sea waves with the sky kisses
Dreamy Memory
Sea Landscape
where the Waves wake up
Original painting , Two paintings Abstract,Abstract Seabed, Underwater landscape, Abstract blue, Sea blue, Deep sea ,Underwater , Sea ,Bottom ,Abstract Landscape, Seascape,Seabed landscape,Blue,Diptych,Sea diptych ,Abstract diptych
Under the Water - Abstract painting 2 Original Painting

I think that my soul connects the Sea with thoughts of Freedom, Strength and Beauty. It turned out that I could transfer some of my sea-themed paintings to the comfort of my home

The Sea is exciting... it is kissing the Sky ... Comforter
The Touch of Water - Tripod Lamp with High-Res Printed Shade, USCA plug

What do you think ? Do they bring you the same feeling and longing?

I dream of the Sea ...I imagine the Sea ...I dream of the Sea ...I draw the Sea...

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