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List of Dreams and Wishes for 2023 by Diana Dimova-TRAXI

List of Dreams and Wishes for 2023 by Diana Dimova-TRAXI Hello Friends , For those who don't know me yet - Nice to meet you! I am Diana Dimova - TRAXI Artist, Mother, Real Estate Agent, Wife, PR agent for my artwork, Blogger, proud cat owner, Workaholic and ...Happy Person... I would like to share with you my dreams for the New Year 2023 and so, voicing them, help them come true! 1.) For the World - I dream of Peace and Understanding, that there will be no diseases and hunger. I hope that we have all learned something from the past events and that we do not repeat old mistakes! 2.) For my family - Life, health, love and happiness! May we manage to cope financially in this difficult Holy year! 3.) For Love - to love, to be loved and to cause and give love! 4.) For me - I want to be Beautiful! - healthy, beautiful, successful, learning and spiritual! 5.) About my Art - TRAXI ART. I dream of my paintings to be seen, to be felt and for people to follow me. Because I create to please, to show and make Life WONDERFUL! I hope that my Art-projects: "Life is Wonderful!", "Art Dreams" and "The Scattered Thoughts of an Artist" will be finished, shown and loved! 6.) About property transactions in ELEMENT agency I dream of successful transactions, friendly attitude and luck for each of our customers! 7.) About PR of TRAXI ART I dream more people to follow my website To register, to read my blog, to view and share my paintings and art projects and to feel my messages. 8.) About the new things that I will learn in 2023 - may they be many, interesting and useful both for me and for my friends. 9.) For my love for Nature and Animals May more and more people feel the connection with mother Earth, to protect and love the weaker ones and that we all live in harmony on this Earth, because it is our Home! 10.) Life to be Wonderful! If my previous wishes come true, it unites them all! I dream that all my close people and friends are healthy and happy! I think these are my main wishes for the New Year 2023! I hope they come true! I wish all your wishes come true, friends! I wish our Life in 2023 to be Wonderful!

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