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"Earth" Exhibition at the Darwin Museum in Moscow.

Our stability

Video art by Diana Dimova-TRAXI


Where is our stability?

It runs in our veins.

Our Earth is our Strength!

We are blood related to our Planet!


Credo of the artist Diana Dimova-TRAXI

I create my abstract paintings by transforming the material – pouring acrylic on canvas.
I draw Free pictures!
Abstract art gives me the freedom to paint Feelings, Sensations, Dreams, and even the Future.
My paintings are born from small particles of Movement, Light and Love, fused at the perfect moment.
Because right here and now – Life is Beautiful!

About the author:
Member of the International Art Club “ASM-Club” since 2022. 2024
First prize at the 4% Gallery International Abstract Art Competition, San Francisco, California.
2022 Solo exhibition “TERAVARNA” Gallery, USA.
2024 Solo exhibition TURNING POINT, Bulgaria.
2024 Solo exhibition “LIFE IS WONDERFUL” Camelback Gallery, USA
2022, 2023 and 2024. participation in Art Project “Earth” – Moscow, Darwin Museum.


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