Abstract Landscape Stars in the grass Blue Painting Nature

330,00 $


Abstract Landscape Stars in the grass Blue Painting Nature

Acrylic painting
Dimensions 40/40cm
16/16 inches

Twinkling lights in the grass…
The picture is inspired by the night, by the beauty of the lights in nature at night, by the reflections of the stars in the wet grass.
Silver pigments are used, which glow when illuminated. Blue Abstract.
All elements intertwine in a rhapsody of lights and shadows, which creates the feeling of movement and life. The picture would enliven any room, it could be hung with different frames or without a frame at all – it has painted edges.
The picture brings a feeling of Freedom and airiness that only Nature can give.
It would bring this feeling to any room. It is also suitable for an office
Suitable as a gift for both women and men.
It is also suitable as a gift due to its compact size.
If you order the painting, you will receive it securely packaged and with a “Certificate of Authenticity” signed by the Author.

Painting is a Part of my Art Project “Life is Wonderful!” in which I give Time.

I am Diana Dimova – TRAXI
In my creation I bow before Life.
For me, inspiration is Love, Nature, Relationships between people, Human achievements and inner strength of character
My paintings are a collection of bits of Movement and Light, which intertwine into a single whole of the moment. Because here and now – Life is Wonderful!

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