Abstract Painting: Unspoken Reflections in the Underwater World of Dreams

150,00 $


Abstract Painting: Unspoken Reflections in the Underwater World of Dreams

Introducing an enchanting piece of artistry – an abstract painting delicately

painted in acrylic on canvas.

Size 18/24 sm. (7/10inch)

This mesmerizing creation captures the essence of weightlessness, where the spirit is free to roam and dreams can take flight. With a reflective undertone, it evokes a sense of the unspoken emotions that often lie beneath the surface. Immerse yourself in an underwater world where a foaming party erupts, unveiling the mystical presence of a sea dragon. Allow your imagination to wander freely as you indulge in this abstract vision that speaks volumes without uttering a single word.

When I painted this Painting I let the colors flow freely. The shapes, colors, and details came to the surface by themselves and the feeling was of weightlessness, Sea, and Dreams…

I used blue, red, gold, and white, but the colors merged and turned out whimsical and dizzying hues. I would be infinitely happy if you too feel the Magic, looking at the Painting.

The Painting has painted edges and is also suitable for hanging without a decorative frame.

I have put a lot of energy and inspiration into it and if you buy it -it will go into your home or office.

The Artwork would also be a wonderful gift because of its small size, the magic it brings, and the fact that it is suitable for both men and women!

If you buy the painting, you will receive it, ready to hang, securely packed, and with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by me: Diana Dimova-TRAXI.

After receiving the image, I will be very glad if you send me a photo or video of the painting already in your interior.

I treat my works of art with great trepidation.

In my work, I bow before Life!

Feel the power of Abstract Painting.

Life is Wonderful!



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