Abstract Swan Lake Painting, Eternal Battle Between Good and Evil

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Abstract Swan Lake Painting – Symbolic Depiction of the Eternal Battle Between Good and Evil

Introducing a truly remarkable piece, this unique Swan Lake painting captures the essence of the legendary tale, beautifully illustrating the eternal struggle between the good and the dark forces. Depicting the clash between the pure and innocent White Swan and the mysterious and seductive Black Swan, this artwork showcases the ethereal beauty of both characters. With expertly crafted strokes and rich hues, the artist brings to life the intense emotions and tension that lie within the story. Display this captivating painting in your home or workspace, and let the power of this symbolic masterpiece inspire you every day.
ABSTRACT Without a frame,
there are edges.
16/16 incha
40/40 sm
original author’s painting
acrylic on canvas
If you order the painting, you will receive it securely packaged and with a “Certificate of Authenticity” signed by the Author.
I am Diana Dimova – TRAXI
In my Art, I bow before Life.
For me, inspiration is Love, Nature, Relationships between people, Human achievements, and inner strength of character .
My paintings are a collection of bits of Movement and Light, which intertwine into a single whole of the moment. Because here and now – Life is Wonderful!


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