ART FASHION painting Three colors of blue Outdoor Drawstring Bag

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Do you have Faith ?

The power of the human spirit is HUGE! Art is life! It reminds you to live when you have forgotten, it wakes you from grief … Art, Music can bring you back to Faith …

This painting bring power of the faith and music.You can bring them in your home.

“Three colors of blue” is inspired by the French film of the same name about FAITH!


I love to draw sensations, movements, feelings … they carry the unique – Life is wonderful!

Can Art enter the wardrobe? Why not - just look and choose ... Life is Wonderful!

This drawstring bag is here to become a daily go-to choice that is both stylish and practical. All your ideas are printed in full color and stunning detail, a quality print that is as long lasting as it is gorgeous. On top of good looks, the broadcloth fabric makes each bag supremely soft to the touch.

.: 100% polyester broadcloth
.: One size: 14″ × 13″ (33 cm × 36 cm)
.: Black back
.: Durable polyester black braided cord

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