Magic Abstract landscape with а frame, golden moon, night colors in dark blue, and burgundy, for the office, contemporary artistic gift

280,00 $


Introduce a touch of  Magic with this Abstract landscape with a lovely golden moon, a small winding path between the leaves of the trees bathed in light. Beautiful night colors in dark blue, burgundy, gold and white

Abstract shapes, reminiscent of a path in the forest. Bathed in Light Moon in gold and white.

The winding small path creates a sense of mystery and tranquility, giving the artwork depth and intrigue.

Acrylic painting on canvas measuring 14/12 inches (35/30 cm.), decorated with a gold frame.

A romantic painting for the office or as a gift. Suitable for a bedroom or office.

I painted the painting in the evening when a golden moon was shining. The feeling of my connection with the Universe was so strong that it was as if I only had to reach out and reach my Dreams.

In this painting, I have drawn the path to the Desired.

You just have to wish and feel how you are going along the path bathed in Light

Your dream will come true!

I have put a lot of love and a little magic into this painting.

If you have it in your home or office, the painting will help you communicate directly with the Universe

My original author’s painting.

I am Diana Dimova-TRAXI

I paint Movement and Light. My paintings are born from Feelings, Dreams, Feelings, and Dreams… Inspired by Life!

Life is wonderful!

The wonderful Painting comes with a lovely gold frame, ready to hang, with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the Author, a small gift, reliable packaging, and Free shipping..

I will package the painting securely, ensuring that the parcel will reach your country safely.

Process :

  1. You pay for the painting.
  2. Then it takes me a few days to fill out the paperwork

Then I probably package the artwork and send it

With courier service and free delivery!

  1. On the day the Picture is sent, I will send you a code by which you can always track that the Picture is on its way.
  2. After receiving the Painting, I will be happy if you send me a photo or video of the Painting that is already in your interior.

I treat my artwork with great trepidation.


About the packaging:

I often ship paintings around the world.

Over many years of work, I have developed a package that guarantees the safety of the Paintings 100%. New owners of paintings always receive goods in perfect condition. If suddenly this is not the case, I will refund the money. But such cases have not happened yet.

I am Diana Dimova-TRAXI.

My paintings are born with inspiration.

If you have any questions before purchasing, email me




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