Night of Romance Oil Painting for Lovers – Embrace Happiness Under the Moon, Love Day Gift

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Night of Romance Oil Painting for Lovers – Embrace Happiness Under the Moon, Love Day Gift

Transport yourself to a world of pure enchantment and passion with this exquisite artwork. Step into a moment of intimate romance as you witness a breathtaking night bath between two young lovers. Their tender kisses and warm embraces intertwine amidst the gentle waves of a serene lake. The radiance of a mesmerizing moon casts a soft glow, drenching the scene in ethereal beauty. Its majestic reflection dances upon the dark waters, creating a mesmerizing play of light and shadow. As you gaze at the painting, you’ll be captivated by the couple’s sheer bliss and the joy that radiates from their embrace. The surrounding trees, shrouded in the moonlit ambiance, add an enchanting touch of mystery to the overall composition. This painting is a stunning representation of love and happiness, perfectly capturing the magic of a starlit night. Let this romantic masterpiece adorn your space and inspire your own epic love story.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this artwork makes for a heartfelt gift that perfectly expresses your affection. Spark romance and ignite passion with this stunning piece of art.

Oil on canvas,16/16 “(40/40 sm.)

The painting was inspired by a night adventure with me and my lover.

Love is always in us!

If you have the painting you will always see it in your home.


I will pack the painting securely, ensuring that the parcel reaches your country safely.


Process of working with me:


You pay for the painting.

Next, I need a couple of days to fill the documents

Then I securely package the Painting and send it


With courier service and  Free delivery!


On the day the Painting is sent, I will send you a code by which you can always track that the Painting is on its way.

After receiving the image, I will be very glad if you send me a photo or video of the painting already in your interior.

I treat my works of art with great trepidation.




About packaging:


I often send Paintings all over the World.


Over many years of work, I have developed packaging that ensures the safety of the painting 100%. New owners of paintings always receive goods in perfect condition. If suddenly this is not the case, I will return the money. But such cases have not yet happened.


I am Diana Dimova-TRAXI.


My Paintings are born with Inspiration.


If you have any questions before purchasing, write to me





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