Original Abstract painting The Portrait of 2022 Woman Abstract

3820,00 $


Original Abstract painting The Portrait of 2022 Woman Abstract

Acrylic on canvas

50/70 cm.

19/28 inches

Painted in 2022.


The painting is  inspired by the events in the World in 2022.

The World has frozen like a Chess game and everyone plays with the pieces they have…

What will be the next move?!

In the Face of my 2022, the White Queen is on the move, which symbolizes Peace.

This is my message to everyone playing this game.

It’s time for PEACE to Win!

If this message touches you, then this painting is right for you!

I am Diana Dimova – TRAXI.In my work, I bow to Life!

My paintings are born from small pieces of Movement, Light and Love merged in one perfect moment. My creative searches are for the Here and Now, for what we have and give, for the perfect moment, built from tiny particles of Movement and Light.Here and now Life is Wonderful!

The Painting will be carefuly packed in a carton box.I will also send a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Painting won:2023 Diana Dimova-TRAXI  won the HONORABLE MENTION AWARD in the “5th FIGURATIVE” art competition along with other distinguished artists ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY


Painting is a Part of my Art Project “Life is Wonderful!” in which I give Time.

I am Diana Dimova-TRAXI.
I love painting movement and light!
Life is Wonderful!


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