Original Abstract Red Yellow Painting Sunny Mood

1040,00 $


Abstract Red Yellow Painting Sunny Mood

Acrylic, canvas
Dimensions 40/40cm.
16/16 inches

This is a painting inspired by the Sun! It is our fire that gives us Life. The colors are Red, Yellow and Orange. The Mood is Sunny. Life is Wonderful!
This painting brings Light to even the darkest room. It brings the Sun into your home. It could light up your life.
There is nothing more beautiful and desirable than the Sun!

-2022 Diana Dimova-TRAXI FINALIST AWARD in ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY’s most recent art competition “4th COLOR.”

Painting is a Part of my Art Project “Life is Wonderful!” in which I give Time.

I am Diana Dimova-TRAXI.
I love painting movement and light!
Life is Wonderful!


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