Original Art Freedom in Motion Abstract Painting

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Romantic pair of small abstract author’s paintings that are meant to be hung together, designed to be displayed in perfect harmony. These extraordinary images, painted in shades of blue, burgundy, and gold, are set on a pristine white background. As you gaze upon them, you’ll be transported into a vibrant universe where the images seem to be in constant motion, exuding captivating vibrations. In this imaginative artwork, we can envision the beauty of nature unfolding before us, with two figures strolling in the distance, creating a romantic scene. These abstract paintings not only enliven any space they grace but also possess the ability to elicit emotions and movement. Perfectly suited for various hanging arrangements, these small-sized masterpieces can effortlessly breathe life into your surroundings. They also make an excellent unwrapping gift or a thoughtful gesture for a loved one.

Each piece is conveniently sized, making them ideal for displaying together or separately. Whether they are to be unwrapped or gifted to a loved one, these paintings are ready to be hung, sans frame, thanks to their exquisitely painted edges.

Acrylic on canvases   7/10 inch (18/24 sm) each canvas

I drew the two paintings together, quite spontaneously and with a lot of love.

You will feel it with you if you have them in your room.

I am Diana Dimova – TRAXI

I paint sensations, feelings, dreams

Life is wonderful!


I will pack the paintings securely, ensuring that the parcel reaches your country safely.


Process of working with me:


You pay for the paintings.

Next, I need a couple of days to fill the documents

Then I securely package the Painting and send it


With courier service and  Free delivery!


On the day the Paintings are sent, I will send you a code by which you can always track that the Painting is on its way.

After receiving the image, I will be very glad if you send me a photo or video of the painting already in your interior.

I treat my works of art with great trepidation.




About packaging:


I often send Paintings all over the World.


Over many years of work, I have developed packaging that ensures the safety of the painting 100%. New owners of paintings always receive goods in perfect condition. If suddenly this is not the case, I will return the money. But such cases have not yet happened.


I am Diana Dimova-TRAXI.


My Paintings are born with Inspiration.


If you have any questions before purchasing, write to me



Freedom in Motion Abstract Painting

This small Abstract Painting in Red, Blue, and White embodies the Power and Freedom of Nature in motion.
The Painting would enliven any room, it could be hung with different frames or without a frame at all – it has painted edges.

It pairs perfectly with another Abstract Painting by the same Artist, also small and featuring Red, Blue, and White tones, depicting a romantic autumnal walk.
These two paintings were created together and complement each other’s color and energy, evoking a sense of calm and unity in Nature, Love, and Freedom.
Experience the Freedom and Freshness of an Autumn walk with our Unique Abstract Paintings!
If you order the painting, you will receive it securely packaged and with a “Certificate of Authenticity” signed by the Author.



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