Original Colorful Abstract Painting Palette from Bulgaria

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Original Colorful Abstract Painting Palette from Bulgaria

Colorful Abstract Painting Inspired by the Nature of Bulgaria – Handpicked Palette from Sunny Fields and Forests


Add a pop of color and a touch of Bulgarian charm to your space with this Original Colorful Abstract Painting from Bulgaria!

The artist’s homage to the wonderful nature of Bulgaria is evident in every brushstroke. Each color in this palette tells a story – white from the snowy peaks of the Balkans, blue from the sea, brown from the fields, green from the forests and meadows, yellow from the sunflowers, and red from the poppy fields. This painting is a true reflection of the beauty and diversity of Bulgaria’s landscapes. Display this unique artwork and let the essence of Bulgaria brighten up your space with its sunny, fresh, native, and colorful energy. Life is truly wonderful, and this painting captures that essence perfectly.

Traveling around the Country, I collected palettes – White from the Snowy peaks of the Balkans, Blue – from the Blue Waters of the Sea, Brown – from the fertile Fields, Green – from the cool Forests and Meadows, Yellow – from the Sunflowers, Red – from the blossoming Poppy fields. ..I collected a whole Palette … and painted this painting ….Life is Wonderful

Acrylic on canvas  40/40 cm.

ABSTRACT Without a frame,
there are edges.


I am Diana Dimova-TRAXI.
I love painting movement and light!
If you buy the painting, you will receive it securely packed and with a certificate of authenticity signed by me!


If you have this Painting on your wall you will never forget:





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