Original Oil painting Rainy mood

370,00 $


Original Oil painting  Rainy mood

Oil paints on canvas

Dimensions 40/40 cm

From the series “Dreamed”

Painted in 2019.

Can you be happy when it rains around you? Can you see color when everything around you is gray? You can, because Life is Wonderful!

This painting brings Happy and Colors .You can bring it in your home !

Buying an original work of Art is like Love – The feeling is Real!

It starts with falling in love, wants commitment, and brings happiness for life! Life is Wonderful!

am Diana Dimova-TRAXI

I draw Movement and Light.

The Universe of Feelings, Dreams, Dreams in the Soul of Man … Inner Strength and Beauty, the relationship with Mother Nature, Friendships, Love and Happiness ..

I am excited about Human achievements and the Power of the Human Spirit, the Organism called Society.

Life is Wonderful!



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