Find Joy in the Rain with this Original Oil Painting – Rainy Mood

300,00 $


Colorful Art Rainy Mood: Cheerful Girl with Umbrella Painting


Add a touch of color and cheer to your space with this vibrant and exciting rain picture. In this lively artwork, a girl with an umbrella is beautifully depicted, her white dress billowing in the wind while her boots gleam in the puddles below. The colorful rain swirls around the patterned umbrella, creating a joyful and whimsical scene. Titled Rainy Mood Cheerful and Colorful, this picture is sure to bring happiness and brighten any room it graces. Perfect for adding a playful pop of color to your decor, this piece captures the essence of a rainy day in the most colorful and delightful way.


I painted the Painting  a lot of mood, which you can invite into your home, along with it.

I sang to myself the song “I singing in the rain…” from a movie…


Oil painting on canvas
Dimensions 40/40 cm ( 16/16inches)
Painting Without a frame,
there are edges.

I am Diana Dimova-TRAXI.
I love painting movement and light!
If you buy the painting, you will receive it securely packed and with a certificate of authenticity signed by me!

If you have this Painting on your wall you will never forget:



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