Dreamy Seascape Art: Gold Sun Setting as Ship Sails Away

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Dreamy Seascape Art: Gold Sun Setting as Ship Sails Away


Transform your space with this captivating abstract seascape painting titled The Golden Sunset. The rich hues of gold, orange, blue, and white beautifully depict a serene scene where the sun sets in a golden glow. A ship sailing away in the distance evokes a sense of adventure and dreams. Let this artwork serve as a daily reminder to never stop dreaming and believe that your aspirations can become reality. Add a touch of inspiration and elegance to your home with this mesmerizing piece.


I painted the picture quite spontaneously, quickly and with a very strong inspiration.

The silhouette of a ship suddenly appeared on the canvas and floated among the golden sunset.

An exceptional gift for someone who is retiring and can now realize their golden dreams.


Acrylic on Canvas


16/16 inches

ABSTRACT Without a frame,
there are edges.

Painting is a part of my Art Project “TURNING POINT”


I am Diana Dimova-TRAXI.
I love painting movement and light!
If you buy the painting, you will receive it securely packed and with a certificate of authenticity signed by me!


If you have this Painting on your wall you will never forget:




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