Set of two Colorful Abstract Paintings Fires to Energize Your Space

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Set of two Colorful Abstract  Paintings  Fires to Energize Your Space

Add a vibrant and fiery touch to your living space with this stunning diptych of two Impressionist Abstract canvases depicting fire. The explosion of yellow, red, and orange tones creates a rhapsody of iridescent colors that make the canvas burst with energy. These paintings are sure to brighten up any room, serving as a warm hearth that will energize the whole family. The artist has poured their passion and fire into these pieces, and you can feel it emanating from the artwork. Bring a dynamic and lively atmosphere into your home with these mesmerizing fire-inspired paintings.

I painted the two Paintings together, spontaneously, in one breath. Inspiration had ignited me with a wildfire. You could feel the power of the Fire in me when I painted these 2 canvases.

The Paintings will be a dynamic touch to your decor.


Acrylic on canvas

Two pieces 40/40sm.(16/16 incha)


The Paintings are part of my Art Project “LIFE IS WONDERFUL”  in which I give Time.

I am Diana Dimova-TRAXI.

I love painting movement and light!

The Price is for the two canvases.

If you order the paintings, you will receive them securely packaged and with a “Certificate of Authenticity” signed by me.


If you have this Paintings on your wall you will never forget:



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