Two Abstract Paintings Love affair diptych Original Painting

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Depending on the arrangement of the two parts in relation to each other, one can guess what the relations are in the relationship.

You can only hang one if you are alone…If you are in a relationship and one is dominant it can be one over the other depending on who is leading in the relationship – the man or the womanIf they have their backs to each other – quarrelThey could also be the other way around if your relationship is Feet Up….If they are face to face and love each other at home there is peace and love.The paintings are painted with love, so this is my view as the author…but it’s still fun that it could fit different moods.And what do you want your relationship to be?

These two paintings are the beginning of my Art Project “Life is Wonderful!” in which I give Time.

I am Diana Dimova – TRAXI In my work, I bow to Life!My paintings are born from small pieces of Movement, Light and Love merged in one perfect moment. My creative searches are for the here and now, for what we have and give, for the perfect moment, built from tiny particles of Movement and Light.

Here and now Life is Wonderful!


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