Two Original Colorful Abstract Paintings of Happiness

10000,00 $


Two Original Colorful Abstract Paintings of Happiness

Two  Paintings  each of them

40/40 sm

16/16 inch

Part 80/40 sm

Part 32/16 inch

These are Two Colorful Abstract Canvases that represent Happiness for me!
In them there is Movement, there is Light and Freedom spills on the sails, and the yars and warm colors bring only delight
Look at them!
Take a look in detail!
Now close your eyes and feel your association!
Did you feel great?
An interesting fact is that warm and bright colors combined with cold blue make people feel happy.
Did you feel it?

These two paintings are the beginning of my Art Project “Life is Wonderful!” in which I give Time.

Diana Dimova-TRAXI won a Certificate Award on International Art Competition COLOR Painting Jine 2023 GLOBAL PAINTING CONCLAVE

I am Diana Dimova – TRAXI In my work, I bow to Life!My paintings are born from small pieces of Movement, Light and Love merged in one perfect moment. My creative searches are for the here and now, for what we have and give, for the perfect moment, built from tiny particles of Movement and Light.

Here and now Life is Wonderful!

The Price is for the  two canvas.

If you order the painting, you will receive it securely packaged and with a “Certificate of Authenticity” signed by the Author.




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