Woman with Herself Find out your Reflection Satin Posters (210gsm)

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Woman with Herself Find out your Reflection Satin Posters (210gsm)

Art is subjective, and viewers often bring their own perspectives and emotions to the experience.

1.     Reflection and introspection: The use of a mirror and rainwater together suggests a theme of self-reflection and introspection. The woman observing herself amidst the rain could symbolize deep contemplation or a moment of self-examination.

2.     Cleansing and renewal: Rainwater is often associated with cleansing and renewal. It can represent a fresh start, washing away the old and allowing for growth and transformation. The woman walking in the rain could symbolize a process of personal renewal or the possibility of starting anew.

3.     Emotional symbolism: Rain is commonly associated with emotions such as sadness, melancholy, or introspection. The presence of rainwater in the painting could convey a certain mood or evoke specific emotions within the viewer. It could add a sense of melancholy, contemplation, or even a touch of nostalgia.


Discover your Feeling and feel the closeness to Art!



I am Diana Dimova – TRAXI
I paint Movement and Light, Feelings, Sensations, Dreams…

My Art Gives TIME!

Take! Live!
Life is wonderful!

This satin poster brings all your artwork and ideas to life on top-tier quality 210 gsm satin paper. With a low-glare satin finish, your custom artwork can be exquisitely showcased in any indoor environment. Available in  sizes: 11×14; 18×24 ;20×30 inch to best match your vision.

.: 210gsm satin paper
.: Horizontal and vertical options
.: Low-glare finish
.: Available in 7 different sizes
.: NB! For indoor use only
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

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