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Special thanks by Diana Dimova-TRAXI

Hello friends,

Today I want to share with you what the year 2023 brought me – many new friends, wonderful experiences, inspiration.

Special thanks to my family for their unreserved love and support!

Special thanks to everyone who taught me – with courses, with lessons on the Internet, with a personal example, with books or movies!

Special thanks to all my clients and colleagues at work – Notaries, Lawyers, Builders, Architects, Surveyors, Accountants, Appraisers, colleagues from Advertising, etc. with whom we worked in 2023.

Special thanks to all my colleagues and friends from the real estate market in Plovdiv, with whom we cooperated and helped in 2023.

Special thanks to all my colleagues and friends Artists who inspired and encouraged me during the past year!

Special thanks to all my friends who were always by my side and with their ideas, help and support made a difficult year easier!

Special thanks to all my clients, followers and admirers of my Art!

Special thanks to all Gallerists, Curators, media partners and PR specialists who helped me promote my Art!

Special thanks to all my friends all over the world, for supporting and inspiring me even from afar!

I especially want to thank all the artists who, together with me, supported the Belgrade cause “We continue together towards Life” by donating their painting to a Hospital ward in Bulgaria! The Power of Art Against Death!

Today, in the last hours of 2023, I want to THANK all of YOU for being by my side during the past year – you rejoiced with me at my successes, you helped me when it was difficult, you inspired me when I needed it!


Shared by Diana Dimova-TRAXI

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