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UPCOMING by Diana Dimova-TRAXI

UPCOMING by Diana Dimova-TRAXI

Hello friends ,

As you know, this year started uniquely for me by winning First Prize in the International Abstract Art Competition at 4% Gallery, San Francisco, California

Immediately after that, I started the Art Project TURNING POINT, which includes a solo exhibition at the Plovdiv Cultural Institute with 28 paintings, a raffle, a fashion line of clothes and home decor, painting in front of an audience, author’s reflections on Abstract Art and Nature, a charity auction in the Pomo of the protected in the Red book bird – Feather-legged Cuckoo.

In all initiatives, I was fully supported by RIOSV Plovdiv – Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Together with my friends, we managed to collect an amount, which I donated to the Society for the Protection of Birds in Bulgaria.

In the meantime, my paintings took part and won prizes in 4 more international exhibitions.

What’s ahead:

Very soon my SOLO EXHIBITION LIFE IS WONDERFUL starts at Camelback Gallery, USA.

There I present myself with the ART PROJECT LIFE IS WONDERFUL.

The Art Project also includes a fashion line “Summer Bliss” – happy clothes and accessories for warm and happy summer days.

The exhibition is from April 1-30, 2024 and you will be able to see it on the Camelback Gallery website.

13-27.04 2024 at Paolo De Brito Gallery in Germany, my painting will participate in the group exhibition “Little Sun in Cold Water”, dedicated to Kindness

I am also planning a few more participations in international exhibitions, but I cannot announce the details yet.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Friends for your support!

You give me the strength and confidence to continue doing Art!

Thank you all!


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